Insta-lock Snap Davit Lock & Lift System


  • A Practical Design made to be Strong and Long Lasting.
  • Safe and Secure, with a Spring Loaded Lock Action.
  • Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Construction.

Insta-lock Snap Davits are a lock and lift system, designed to secure and stabilise an inflatable dinghy to the back of a Motorboat or Yacht.

  • Insta-lock Snap Davits provide a safer method for a person to enter and exit a dinghy.
  • When locked on, the dinghy can be lifted out of the water to a vertical storage position.
  • When locked and lifted, your dinghy avoids drag and fouling when cruising.
  • When locked and lifted, you can save space in the Marina and save on Berthing fees.


    Stop the dinghy wobbles, hop in and out of your tender with ease!

    The INSTA-LOCK kit comprises of 2 spring loaded davit heads which secure to the Swim Platform and 2 Pads with lock-on-bars which are glued onto the Inflatable.

    When aligned the sprung loaded davit heads snap onto the lock-on-bar. The dinghy is firmly locked to the Host Craft ready for lifting or loading with passengers.

    dont fall out of your dinghy


      What Price Safety and Convenience?

      New from Polymarine; A practical design and premium materials combine to make the Insta-Lock Snap Davit System durable, safe and astonishingly affordable.

      No more heart stopping dinghy wobbles!

      “We have always found that Boaters love the concept of a Safe Snap Davit System, to be able to hop in and out of dinghies with ease, unfortunately the best systems are prohibitively expensive, until now that is”, says Polymarine MD Richard Wilkinson.

      Based on years of experience Polymarine have created a new high quality Instant Lock Snap Davit system made of Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel and reinforced rubber. In addition there are different installation options to make this system flexible enough to be compatible with Motor Cruisers and Yachts of different designs. Richard explained “We wanted to exploit modern manufacturing to provide the best product at realistic prices to our customers, and we’re happy to have achieved that with Insta-lock”.

      Priced to be affordable and designed to be Safe and Robust, the new Polymarine Insta-lock Snap Davit System is sure to attract lots of safety conscious sailors into installing this D.I.Y friendly product and wobbly scrambles in and out of dinghies may be a thing of the past.

      Polymarine Ltd, have been in the marine business nearly 30 years providing a range of care and repair products such as adhesives, flexible paints and specialist cleaning products, in addition to inflatable boat accessories and premium Snap Davits from the USA.