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The Insta-lock Snap Davit System is made from Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel parts with reinforced rubber dinghy pads. The system has 18cm and 27.5cm reach options to assist with many installation options. The Quick Release shoes gives further flexibility by allowing the Davit Heads to be removed in an instant.

All these products and parts are available from Polymarine and Polymarine distributors and dealers.

Our new snap davit products include Transom mounted Insta-Lock Snap Davit Kits, along with Extended reach, out and down davit kits. There is a new and extendable holdout arm built to five different lengths (46cm to 60cm) (61cm to 76cm) (92cm to 106cm) (107cm to 121cm) (122 to 137cm). In addition the perfect dinghy pad for use with the arms.

Swivel Outboard Motor Mounting Bracket.

This ingenious Insta-lock dinghy swivel bracket has 2 positions: 45 and 90 degrees. This bracket will work for both inflatables (45 degree position) and Hard shell dinghy’s (90 degree position). It ‘s designed to allow the outboard motor to remain on the dinghy while it is being raised into position on the swim platform. Without the swivel bracket the crew would have to remove the outboard motor from the dinghy and store it somewhere on the boat in an upright position and secure it, which is quite often a problem. Now with the Insta-Lock swiveling engine mount, the dinghy bracket swivels and the motor remains nearer to vertical on the dinghy without having to be removed. Not having to remove the motor will also avoid any spilling of fuel or oil and the risk of heavy manual handling mishaps.

insta-lock-800-standard-kitStandard Kit: RRP £171.49 + VAT

Insta-lock Snap Davits are a lock and lift system, designed to secure and stabilise an inflatable dinghy to the back of a Motorboat or Yacht. A Practical Design made to be Strong and Long Lasting. Safe and Secure, with a Spring Loaded Lock Action. Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Construction with Grey reinforced Rubber Pads.  – KIT Part No. 55.55.10

Extended Kit: RRP £216.56 + VAT.

Insta-lock Davit heads come in two sizes, the extended heads reach out 9.5cm further than the standard heads give greater flexibility to install on swimming platforms or transom steps with obstacle to avoid or more pronounced curved design to the rear facing edge. KIT part No. 55.55.20

Quick Release Kit: RRP £68.60 + VAT.

The Quick Release, Low Profile Davit Shoes are designed to fit Davit Heads made for Swim Platforms and Transom Steps. By releasing the pin the davit head can be quickly removed and stowed away giving unhindered access to the platform. When needed again, Davit Heads can be reinstalled in seconds ready for your dinghy to safely lock on. KIT part No. 55.55.09

With a Spring Loaded Action the dinghy is instantly locked on and held securely ready for loading with crew or lifting into the vertical position. Being vertical provides space saving storage and safe cruising avoiding the problems of towing and fouling in the water. Insta-lock Snap Davits very strong, able to support weights of up to 100KG.

The Quick Release Shoes fit both the extended and standard Insta-lock Davit Heads.

The Standard Kit, Extended Kit and Quick Release Shoes are all availiable now.

The Insta-Lock System comes with D.I.Y friendly instructions (Adhesive Required). The Davit Heads are bolted to the swim platform or Transom step and the Rubber Pads are Glued to the Inflatable Dinghy Tubes, the process is fully explained. For more details about installation see this page [how to install]